storyMandolin master John Reischman is renowned for his exquisite taste, tone, and impeccable musicianship. Starting off on guitar as a kid, Reischman fell under the spell of Bill Monroe and then mandolin pioneers Frank Wakefield, Sam Bush, Andy Statman, and David Grisman, eventually switching instruments in his late teens. Playing around San Francisco in the 1970s he first made a name for himself as an original member of the groundbreaking Tony Rice Unit, which helped to define the “new acoustic” instrumental scene in the early 1980s. He has been a mainstay at bluegrass and folk festivals ever since, playing with the Bay Area’s Good Ol’ Persons and then moving to Vancouver, where he founded The Jaybirds, who have released five critically acclaimed albums.


John Reischman& The Jaybirds: Deception Falls

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