No Depression Singer-Songwriter Award - FreshGrass

We have been so fortunate to feature some of the best singer-songwriters in the world as part of the No Depression Singer-Songwriter Award at FreshGrass! For 2020, we will be taking the year off from offering this award while we re-imagine how to present it in the future. Stay tuned for updates about the 2021 No Depression Singer-Songwriter Award!

2019 winner

Anna Tivel

Portland, Oregon
Anna Tivel reaches for that thread of understanding with her music, that moment of recognition, of shared experience. There are hundreds of thousands of miles on her touring odometer and each town is a tangled web of heartache and small reasons to believe. Tivel’s characters are both common and unforgettable. Ann Powers of NPR writes, “She possesses a genuine poet’s sense that words matter more than persona, or a showy performance. Her images linger, and become populated with the energy of the real.” With three full-length albums out and a fourth due out this April, Tivel continues to touch on a common human thread.