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What is No Depression?

No Depression is the leading online destination for enthusiasts of American roots music. For nearly 20 years, No Depression has served as THE gathering place for a fiercely loyal and growing base of fans by offering compelling content, community and commerce. No Depression is considered the authority for roots music.

No Depression was named after a Carter family tune – “No Depression in Heaven”. It launched in 1995 as a quarterly magazine covering American roots music. Over the subsequent 13 years, ND grew into one of the nation’s most prominent and broad ranging bi-monthly music publications. In 2009, ND shifted its focus online and is now the largest community for roots music with over 150,000 monthly visitors and an influential bi-weekly email with over 25,000 subscribers.

So why did FreshGrass, LLC acquire No Depression?

The reasons are actually pretty simple – No Depression and FreshGrass, LLC are both gathering places for enthusiasts of grassroots music. By combining our efforts, we think our community and influence can grow. No Depression has pioneered the notion that a community can create a vibrant and intelligent discourse around music and that, collectively, it can become a respected voice and authority in the industry. Similarly, FreshGrass, LLC has endeavored in a small way to celebrate innovate grass roots music through our annual festival, including an expanding repertoire of contests for emerging artists and a growing library of video productions. In the short term, we simply want to connect kindred spirits and keep FreshGrass, LLC and No Depression on parallel paths.

Our lofty hope is to eventually create the most vibrant and largest community of grassroots listeners, contributors and artists in the world, and for FreshGrass, LLC to become a collective of businesses designed by, made for and to the benefit of that community. We want to add more live events, build the definitive roots music archive and online store, and offer local music and band services of various kinds. If we succeed, then everything in this collective will represent the wisdom and desire of the community. We want the community to be the voice of the industry and the hand that shapes it.

Visit No Depression to read relevant, well-written commentary on Americana, Roots, and Bluegrass music. Join the community to receive bi-weekly newsletters, participate in forums and contribute your own articles. We curate content daily from community contributions.


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