True fans of acoustic music should not pass up any chance to see this legendary Swedish folk trio, whose prowess on their unusual instruments and dynamic, intuitive collaboration have taken on mythical proportions. Favorites among many of the other artists who have made our FreshGrass lineups the beautiful annual collections of musicians’ musicians and innovative genre-benders that they are, Väsen’s US shows are few and often far between. Don’t miss this set!

“I have two favorite bands. Radiohead… and Väsen.” — Chris Thile

Three musicians with a singular sound, a playful yet accomplished interplay that seems to defy the laws of physics, an intensity with a great sense of humor, and modernity rooted in tradition. Väsen, a Swedish acoustic trio, now in its 28th year of touring together. The parts: a five-string viola of sophisticated symphonic taste, an adventurous 12-string guitar, and a nyckelharpa (a “keyed fiddle”).

All three are instrumental virtuosos in their own right, and together they form a unique supernatural being. To experience Väsen is to witness ensemble playing at its finest.

Väsen’s sound is steeped in the tradition of Uppland, Sweden, yet crafted in a modern way that has become unique to this trio of revered musicians. After 30 years their musical dialogue is completely innate and organic, an incredibly tight and accomplished acoustic collaboration which has made them a favorite of musicians and music aficionados around the world.

Väsen marks their 30th year together as a band the only way they know how: a set of 15 new original Väsen tunes titled Rule of 3. Continuing to push the envelope of traditional music with their unique style, the combined power of their playing three acoustic instruments their unique way continues to amaze even themselves after three decades.