The Infamous Stringdusters - FreshGrass

The Infamous Stringdusters came together in 2007 during one of the International Bluegrass Music Association’s legendary “doorway jam sessions.” And jamming remains the integral philosophy of the group, with spur-of-the-moment chemistry powering their legendary live performances. In over a thousand shows in eight years, every one is something special and fresh for these dedicated bluegrassers. The Grammy-nominated band is as comfortable at a dirt road pickin’ session as they are on an amphitheatre stage, a collection of talents that can whisper and roar as the circumstance demands, responding in real time to their surroundings, working the angles as they ply their craft and raise their sinewy voices with limber grace. The Stringdusters have played in five of six FreshGrass festivals – one of our great traditions! This year, they’ll be leading Saturday’s late-night barn dance in the Hunter Center.



The Infamous Stringdusters: Run to Heaven

The Infamous Stringdusters: The Place That I Call Home

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