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storyMamie Minch is one of the youngest old-school blues guitarists and singers you’ve ever heard. She sings and plays songs of her own devising that sound like they’ve been stored in her old National guitar for decades. Raised on the music of John Hurt, Rev. Davis, and Memphis Minnie, Minch can sometimes sound like her predecessors, but don’t mistake her for a revivalist: she is most definitely a product of her own time. Her musicianship and writing are so singular that she establishes her own musical reality with it’s own stylistic chronology. Minch is also known as one fourth of the Roulette Sisters, and is a member of the group Midnight Hours with Jolie Holland and JC Hopkins.



Mamie Minch: Razorburn Blues

Mamie Minch: Border Radio

Mamie Minch: Astroland Tower

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