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storyDavid Grisman Bluegrass Experience is one of the best-kept secrets of the Bay Area music scene. As a mandolinist, singer, and composer, Grisman has always been a pioneer. His music is a combination of hot jazz, bluegrass, and even old world Mediterranean folk. After founding a bluegrass band in 1973 called Old and in the Way with close friend Jerry Garcia (who gave him the nickname “Dawg”), Grisman created DGBX, with help from Keith Little on banjo, Jim Nunally on guitar, Chad Manning on Fiddle, and Samson Grisman on bass.

website: dawgnet.com/


David Grisman Bluegrass Experience: Down The Road

David Grisman Bluegrass Experience: Old And In The Way

David Grisman Bluegrass Experience: Dawggy Mt Breakdown

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